More than 60 million seniors and disabled individuals lean on Medicare for healthcare coverage. Potential cuts to Medicare Advantage remain a high-priority talking point between Democrats and Republicans. Let’s dive further into the proposed rule changes regarding cutting Medicare Advantage and what it may mean for you.

Cutting Medicare Advantage: Do the proposed changes strengthen or weaken Medicare Advantage plans?

Any proposed cuts to Medicare Advantage plans could significantly weaken plans by reducing available funding to offer extra benefits beyond what’s covered through traditional Medicare. This could result in fewer benefits being provided to beneficiaries, making Medicare Advantage plans less attractive to potential Medicare enrollees. 

Proposed changes to Medicare Advantage plans

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have released two new rules regarding reducing overpayments toward Medicare Advantage plans while steadily increasing oversight. Nonpartisan government economists have recommended these moves.

Democrats and Biden Administration claims 

Democrats and the Biden administration claim that the new rules will result in an almost 10% increase in Medicare Advantage payments over two years, claiming that payments to Medicare Advantage plans will increase by nearly $4 billion. According to the Health and Human Services spokesman Kamara Jones, “claims that this administration is cutting benefits or increasing premiums are a calculated mischaracterization. Our proposals will ensure stability for people who choose Medicare Advantage.”

Insurers and Republicans claims

The new proposed rules set forth by CMS are being touted as cuts to Medicare, according to Republicans and the insurance industry. According to the National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesperson, Phillip Letsou, “Joe Biden is trying to gut Medicare benefits. Seniors can’t trust Democrats to protect Medicare.” He further explains how the recent CMS rules can lead to fewer benefits with higher premiums for seniors beginning in 2024.

Proposed changes to Medicare Advantage: Positive or Negative impacts to Medicare beneficiaries

With several proposed changes to Medicare Advantage over the last several years, it’s easy to understand that there could be both positive and negative impacts. Here are some examples of the potential effects of the proposed changes to Medicare Advantage:

Positive Impacts

  • Proposed changes could let Medicare Advantage plans to offer even more enhanced benefits, like home-based care, meal delivery, and transportation
  • Changes could also positively impact flexibility in Medicare Advantage plan design, meaning more custom coverage options for Medicare beneficiaries. 
  • Changes could require Medicare Advantage plans to have more adequate health provider networks, which could reduce out-of-pocket expenses and improve access to health care for beneficiaries. 

Negative Impacts

  • Proposed changes could ultimately reduce Medicare Advantage plan choices, which may lead to limits with beneficiaries choosing the plan that best suits them.
  • Changes could result in changes to coverage for specific healthcare services, like reductions in coverage for procedures and medications.
  • Proposed changes could result in more expensive out-of-pocket costs for Medicare beneficiaries, like copays and deductibles.

Medicare Advantage plans: Helping Medicare beneficiaries stretch their monthly retirement income

Medicare Advantage plans (also known as Medicare Part C) is a program implemented through the federal government that allows individuals the opportunity to get Medicare benefits through a private insurance company. Like all healthcare programs, Medicare Advantage has pros and cons. 

How Medicare Advantage plans help seniors improve quality of life

Medicare Advantage plans help seniors improve their quality of life in various ways. Seniors can experience even more comprehensive coverage, better quality of coordinated care, and lower out-of-pocket expenses.

In addition to the perks mentioned above, Medicare Advantage plans can offer comprehensive benefits for prescription drug coverage and extra support for chronic health conditions.

Medicare Advantage pros and cons

Medicare Advantage plans have both pros and cons. Let’s take a further look at these advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Many Medicare Advantage plans offer lower out-of-pocket expenses than traditional Medicare. 
  • Many Medicare Advantage plans provide prescription medication coverage.
  • Medicare Advantage plans offer simplified billing that only needs to be paid once per month, rather than having multiple premiums for all forms of coverage.


  • Medicare Advantage plans generally have a minimal network of physicians, hospitals, and specialists.
  • Private insurance carriers run Medicare Advantage plans, so quality can vary depending on an individual’s plan.
  • Medicare Advantage plans can alter benefits from one year to the next. 


Why is CMS cutting Medicare Advantage and retiree coverage?

CMS periodically adjusts payments to Medicare Advantage plans based on different factors, like the cost of healthcare services in the area where plans are offered. Payment adjustments aren’t typically a reflection of particular political agendas or policies. 

Do these proposed changes actually cut or increase the potential of Medicare Advantage programs?

Proposed changes to Medicare Advantage could either increase or cut the potential of Medicare Advantage plans. This depends on the specific nature of the proposed changes.

Who is trying to cut Medicare Advantage plans?

The Biden administration is cutting federal payments to many Medicare Advantage plans. However, they will be slowly phasing them out instead of an earlier proposal to phase out much quicker.

Is Medicare Advantage going to be eliminated?

Medicare Advantage plans aren’t being phased out. However, some private insurance carriers may decide to end specific plans, so your particular plan may be phased out, depending on your insurance company and where you live.

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