A total of 107,656 Medicare beneficiaries reside in Wyoming, with nearly 40% enrolling in Medicare Advantage Plans. Beneficiaries with Medicare Advantage plans receive extended coverage, lowering the overall cost of health care.

While these plans provide valuable benefits to residents of Wyoming, the system can be complex and challenging to navigate. In addition, each plan will cover different elements of healthcare, making them ideal for distinct types of patients.

Additionally, the differences between these plans can significantly impact the cost of care, so understanding each option is essential. This article examines the Wyoming Medicare Advantage plans available in 2024.

Medicare Advantage plans in Wyoming

There are significant coverage gaps in the Medicare program despite its valuable benefits. Medicare Advantage plans are an excellent choice for beneficiaries worried about rising healthcare costs. These plans protect beneficiaries from burdensome healthcare costs by extending coverage beyond what Original Medicare provided.

However, some crucial differences exist between Medicare Advantage plans and Original Medicare. While the federal government standardizes the benefits of Original Medicare across the country, the benefits of Medicare Advantage plans vary since different providers create and support each available plan.

Medicare Advantage plans available in Wyoming

In the United States, Medicare Original and Medigap coverage are subject to government standards, but Medicare Advantage plans are not. Consequently, the benefits of each plan will differ.

Also, these figures relate to a specific Wyoming zip code, so your results may vary depending on where you live.

Beneficiaries of Wyoming Medicare Advantage plans have the following choices. Since some plans offer specific benefits like no premiums or low deductibles, it’s essential to research which plan is best for you carefully. In the following sections, we’ll cover plans with five-star ratings, special needs plans, and a few with part D reductions.

Medicare Advantage plans usually provide beneficiaries with coverage for dental and vision care costs, one of their many advantages. Although they are not a part of Original Medicare and Medigap, these aspects of coverage are vital for maintaining health.

For example, vision coverage can be integral to transportation for beneficiaries with vision issues who need to drive for work or other parts of their daily routines. While paying out of pocket for vision coverage is possible, beneficiaries can save money with effective coverage plans.

Dental care can also be expensive and impactful, so many beneficiaries choose Medicare Advantage plans because of this benefit.


Before deciding to leave your Original Medicare plan for a Medicare Advantage plan, it’s essential to understand the advantages of switching to a private health insurance company.

Unlike Original Medicare and Medigap coverage, Wyoming Medicare Advantage plans include ancillary coverage for additional types of medical care like dental, hearing, vision, and prescription drug coverage.

Estimated Medicare Advantage premiums in Wyoming cities

The accompanying charts linked below provide estimated premiums for the various types of Medicare Advantage plans for the cities listed:


Is Medicare Advantage available in Wyoming?

Yes, Medicare Advantage plans are available to Wyoming beneficiaries. Although only nine plans are active in the state, the number is increasing steadily.

Each plan offers distinct advantages and disadvantages, so careful research is integral to building the ideal coverage plan for your needs.

Only six were available in 2021, but beneficiaries can expect more options in the coming years. Carefully researching the available options can make a significant difference, so contact Medigap.com for assistance.

Do Medicare Advantage plans cover prescription drugs in Wyoming?

Many Medicare Advantage plans include bundled Part D coverage. Although medication coverage is integral to treatment, Original Medicare does not cover it. Part D covers the cost of prescription drugs for Wyoming Medicare beneficiaries, which can significantly reduce the cost of treatment.

While Part D plans protect beneficiaries from prescription medication costs in some instances, they do not cover all types of medication. If you need specific medication, research your desired plan to ensure it includes that coverage.

Do Medicare Advantage plans cover pre-existing conditions in Wyoming?

Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage cover nearly all pre-existing conditions in Wyoming. Although some beneficiaries with Medigap coverage may face challenges with certain conditions, Medicare Advantage does not pose these concerns.

Finding adequate medical coverage can be challenging for those with these conditions, which is a significant benefit of Medicare Advantage plans.

If other types of healthcare plans have rejected you or a loved one due to a pre-existing condition, contact Medigap.com for help finding the perfect Medicare Advantage plan for your situation.

Which type of coverage may be excluded from a Medicare Advantage plan in Wyoming?

Generally, Medicare Advantage plans cover the basic elements of healthcare for Wyoming beneficiaries.

However, the plans may not cover optional treatments like alternative medicine and most ancillary types of treatment. These treatments include dental and vision care, which can significantly impact your quality of life.

Can Medicare Advantage deny coverage in Wyoming?

In most cases, the government requires Medicare Advantage providers to offer their coverage to all Medicare beneficiaries.

Therefore, they usually aren’t allowed to deny coverage under most circumstances. This rule means that if you qualify for Medicare, you are also highly likely to be eligible for Medicare Advantage.

When Medicare denies coverage, beneficiaries may have options for assistance in their state. For example, in Wyoming, beneficiaries can contact the state insurance department for help with coverage issues when they feel an injustice has occurred.

The experts at Medigap.com can also help by answering common coverage questions and providing helpful guidance throughout the enrollment process.

How to get help enrolling in a Wyoming Medicare Advantage plan

Wyoming Medicare Advantage plans are limited, so choosing one can be overwhelming. Wyoming beneficiaries, however, can easily find the best Medigap coverage at Medigap.com by working with our team of experts.

Talking to our agents, you can compare the prices and benefits of different plan options and find answers to various common questions. Then, if you still need help, our team of experts is standing by to answer questions and offer advice.

So if you’re interested in Wyoming Medicare Advantage plans, call us with questions or fill out our online web form to get rates for your area today.

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