Medicare helps give its 62 million US beneficiaries care and treatment in their later years. We’ll look at the options available for Smyrna, Delaware, and Medicare beneficiaries to help them save money.

Delaware, Smyrna Supplemental Medicare Plans

Because Part A and B Medicare plans don’t cover all healthcare costs, supplemental plans help cover the difference. We based the following quotes on a 70-year-old male living in Smyrna, Delaware.

Affordable Medicare Advantage Plans in Smyrna, Delaware

Medigap plans cover extra charges that your Medicare plans may not cover. Here are some 17 plans available for Smyrna, Delaware, Medicare beneficiaries.

Cigna offers a plan in the area that is an HMO plan and has a $0 monthly premium. This plan’s maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP) cost is $6,900. Medicare gave this plan a three-star rating for previous performance.

Humana also offers a plan in the area with a $0 monthly premium. This Local PPO plan has a four-star performance rating. The MOOP for this plan is $6,700.

UnitedHealthcare offers the cheapest plan in the area. While it has a $0 premium like other plans, the MOOP is much lower at $5,900. This Local PPO plan has a four-star performance rating.

UnitedHealthcare $0 $5,900 LOCAL PPO 4
Highmark $0 $7,550 LOCAL PPO N/A
Aetna $0 $7,550 LOCAL PPO 4
Humana $0 $6,700 LOCAL PPO 4
Cigna $0 $6,900 HMO 3

Average Medicare Supplement Plans in Smyrna, Delaware

When Medicare in Smyrna, Delaware, doesn’t cover treatment charges, a Medigap supplemental plan helps take care of you. All Medigap plans have the same benefits, but their premiums vary nationwide.

Plan G is one of the most popular plans but has some of the highest premiums. It covers everything but the Part B deductible. In Smyrna, Delaware, the premiums for this plan range from $140.28 to $410.12.

Plan HDG is like Plan G, except for a much higher deductible. The deductible for this plan is $2,490. Because it has a higher deductible, the monthly premiums are lower, ranging from $41 to $93.29.

Plan K is a very cost-effective plan. It covers the same expenses as Plan G except for Part B excess charges and only pays for half of the covered costs. The premiums for this plan are between $62.15 and $141.62.

PLAN A $112.06 $438.68
PLAN B $153.94 $377.31
PLAN C $188.11 $423.62
PLAN D $163.35 $319.00
PLAN F $179.85 $500.61
PLAN HDF $41.00 $108.70
PLAN G $140.28 $410.12
PLAN HDG $41.00 $93.29
PLAN K $62.15 $141.62
PLAN L $100.08 $300.10
PLAN M $171.08 $333.19
PLAN N $115.10 $314.62

Cheapest Medicare Part D in Smyrna, Delaware

When Medicare or Medigap plans don’t cover prescription drugs, Part D plans do. Part D plans are different from Medicare or supplemental plans.

UnitedHealthcare offers a great plan in the area. It has a high monthly premium of $29.30, but the deductible is much lower at $310. Medicare gives this plan a four-star performance rating.

Wellcare’s plan is much cheaper and more popular across the US. It has a three-star performance rating and a deductible of $480. The monthly payment for this plan is $12.90.

Aetna’s plan is the cheapest in the area, with a monthly premium of $7.10. The deductible is the standard $480. This plan is great for seniors on a fixed budget who can’t usually pay for their medication.

Aetna $7.10 $480 3
Wellcare $12.90 $480 3
Clear Spring $17.20 $480 2
Humana $22.70 $480 4
UnitedHealthcare $29.30 $310 4

Medicare Special Needs Plans in Smyrna, Delaware

Medicare Special Needs Plans are a distinct subset of typical Medicare Advantage plans. They help Smyrna, Delaware, Medicare beneficiaries with chronic or severe disabilities, though these plans aren’t available everywhere in the US.

Aetna offers a plan in the area with a $0 monthly premium. This SNP is dual-eligible. It has a maximum out-of-pocket cost (MOOP) of $7,550 and is an HMO plan. Anyone who simultaneously qualifies for Medicare and Medicaid qualifies.

Humana’s plan in the area has a much lower MOOP. Its MOOP is $3,450 and has a $0 monthly premium. This plan is another dual-eligible HMO.

UnitedHealthcare has some of the best plans in the nation. The plan it offers in the area has a $0 monthly premium and a MOOP of $7,550. This plan is an HMO that is dual-eligible for enrollment.

Aetna $0 $7,550 HMO Dual
Humana $0 $3,450 HMO Dual
UnitedHealthcare $0 $7,550 HMO Dual
Cigna $0 $7,550 HMO Dual
Humana $0 $3,450 HMO Dual


What is the most popular Medigap plan in Smyrna, Delaware?

Plan F is the most popular Medicare Supplement plan in Smyrna, Delaware. It covers all Part A and B expenses, including the Part B deductible. However, it is only available to those who qualified for it before 2020. If you don’t qualify for Plan F, Plan G is the next best plan.

Can Medigap charge more for pre-existing conditions in Smyrna, Delaware?

No, they cannot charge you more for pre-existing conditions. However, Medigap may hold your supplemental benefits for six months, at the most.

Who qualifies for Medigap insurance in Smyrna, Delaware?

To be eligible for Medigap insurance, you must already be a beneficiary of Medicare Parts A and B. This requirement is extended to Medicare beneficiaries who are under the age of 65.

Do Medigap premiums go up every year in Smyrna, Delaware?

Unfortunately, all insurance rates change. Since Medigap is a type of insurance, it will also change its rates from time to time. These premiums increase about once a year.

Do Medigap plan premiums increase with age in Smyrna, Delaware?

Medigap premiums do increase with age. While this change is only a couple of dollars a year, you may notice a significant difference after a couple of years.

For example, the average Plan G premium in the US is $143.46. By the age of 85, that rate could be as high as $235.87.

How To Sign Up for Supplemental Medicare in Smyrna

We are here to help Smyrna, Delaware, Medicare beneficiaries sign up for supplemental coverage. We work with all carriers free of charge and compare budgets to find the right plan for you.

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