Nearly 320,000 residents of Lexington, Kentucky, receive Medicare benefits. About 40% of these beneficiaries enroll in some type of Medicare Advantage plan, which provides additional coverage above Original Medicare. This article will cover the basics of Lexington, Kentucky Supplemental Medicare plans for beneficiaries in the area.

Lexington, Kentucky Supplemental Medicare Plans

The Medicare Advantage and Medigap programs in Kentucky can provide extended medical coverage to Medicare beneficiaries. In Lexington, Kentucky, the average age of those enrolled in MA plans is 69, three years younger than the national average.

Affordable Medicare Advantage Plans in Lexington, KY

The percentage of male Kentucky Medicare Advantage members in Lexington is higher than average, but the plans can benefit all residents. Those living in the area can choose from 31 Medicare Advantage plans, giving them a solid selection of options.

In Lexington, Kentucky, Medicare beneficiaries have an excellent option in Wellcare for Medicare Advantage plans. The Wellcare plan does not require a monthly fee. There is a maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP) of $5,500, which falls in a reasonable range.

Medicare beneficiaries in Lexington, Kentucky, looking for more affordable health insurance plans will find Humana even more appealing. It is worth mentioning that despite AMR’s perfect 5-star rating, they still have zero-dollar monthly premiums and an impressively low $4,200 MOOP.

Last but not least, UnitedHealthcare offers excellent medical coverage to Lexington beneficiaries. The MOOP for this plan is $5,500, and there are no premium charges. Although affordable, United’s program earns a four-star rating for its exceptional service.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Star Rating
Aetna $0 $5,500 HMO-POS 3
UnitedHealthcare $0 $5,500 LOCAL PPO 4
Wellcare $0 $5,500 LOCAL PPO N/A
Anthem BCBS $0 $6,700 LOCAL PPO 4
Humana $0 $4,200 LOCAL PPO 4

Average Medicare Supplement Plans in Lexington, KY

Although the government standardizes the benefits of these plans, the costs of coverage may vary based on your location. Medigap plans complement health insurance by covering expenses that patients typically pay with Original Medicare in Kentucky. As a result, these plans play an essential role in providing comprehensive medical coverage to Medicare beneficiaries.

Plan F of Medigap covers all Medicare costs, so the beneficiary receives complete protection. The monthly premiums for Plan F coverage in Lexington vary from $142 to $510. Interested beneficiaries should note that Plan F has a higher price along with its premier coverage and security.

A high-deductible plan is an option for saving money on premiums while maintaining adequate coverage. For example, in the case of Medigap Plan HDF, beneficiaries receive nearly the same coverage as Plan F but must pay a much higher deductible. As a result, costs for this plan are between $45 and $88 per month.

Plan N offers lower deductibles than HD plans and affordable rates, making it a good choice for many beneficiaries. Residents pay $89-350 a month for premiums and save money on doctor visits when choosing Medigap Plan N. This plan is popular with those searching for Lexington, Kentucky, Supplemental Medicare plans due to its balance of cost and protection.

PLAN A $83.42 $372.58
PLAN B $148.41 $400.95
PLAN C $184.76 $416.12
PLAN D $135.58 $312.00
PLAN F $142.55 $510.12
PLAN HDF $45.62 $88.48
PLAN G $117.36 $410.55
PLAN HDG $43.51 $88.48
PLAN K $58.13 $174.42
PLAN L $78.17 $276.79
PLAN M $174.91 $359.64
PLAN N $89.79 $350.73

Cheapest Medicare Part D in Lexington, KY

Medicare Advantage plans and some Medigap plans do not cover medication, so Medicare Part D plans in Lexington, Kentucky, are crucial coverage. These plans cover the costs of any medications in Kentucky that your doctor prescribes, which is an integral part of treatment. Beneficiaries who choose to forego Part D coverage are subject to penalties, so it is wise to sign up as soon as you enroll.

Medicare beneficiaries in Lexington, Kentucky pay $6.80 per month with a $480 deductible for Aetna’s Part D plans. Its three-star rating means it provides a relatively good balance between coverage and costs. You do have to pay out-of-pocket costs.

Wellcare’s monthly premium is $12.90, but it has the same deductible. Its Over-The-Counter benefit allows you to purchase many medical supplies through insurance. It may not cover all medications, so you’ll want to ensure that it covers yours.

Though Humana plans charge the same $480 deductible, they charge a higher monthly premium of $22.70. It features a four-star rating. In addition, generic medications often cost only $1 to $4 with this plan.

Aetna $6.80 $480 3
Wellcare $12.90 $480 3
Clear Spring Health $22.20 $480 2
Humana $22.70 $480 4
Wellcare $27.30 $480 3

Medicare Special Needs Plans in Lexington, KY

Individuals with medical conditions that require special care can enroll with Medicare special-needs plans in Lexington, Kentucky. These plans often have restrictive standards for enrollment, so thoroughly research the requirements before applying. Beneficiaries who qualify for these plans have access to impactful benefits, so it is wise to explore them.

Aetna also provides a $0 monthly premium with a $7,550 MOOP and dual enrollment. It offers coverage for eyeglasses and hearing aids. As well, each member is assigned a personal care team.

The UnitedHealthcare plan in Covington has institutional enrollment, a MOOP of $7,500, and no monthly premium. You’ll cover only $1,800 out-of-pocket. To be eligible, patients must have a condition that requires institutional care.

Finally, Anthem BCBS offers plans for beneficiaries with chronic or disabling conditions, with a MOOP of $6,700. They also serve those with low incomes. To that end, their premium is $0.

PLAN PREMIUM MOOP Plan Type Eligibility
Humana $0 $3,450 HMO Dual
UnitedHealthcare $0 $7,550 HMO Dual
Wellcare $0 $3,450 HMO Dual
Anthem BCBS $0 $6,700 HMO Chronic or Disabling
Aetna $0 $7,550 HMO Dual


How does one apply for Medicare in Lexington, KY, at age 65?

For Medicare, residents of Lexington, Kentucky who receive Social Security, the enrollment process is automatic. However, other residents should contact the SSA.

How can I have Medicare and Medicaid in Lexington, KY?

Many Medicare beneficiaries also qualify for Medicaid, which can eliminate out-of-pocket costs. Beneficiaries can contact the local Medicaid office to check their eligibility.

What is the Medicare savings program in Kentucky?

The Medicare savings program assists Lexington, Kentucky’s low-income beneficiaries with the costs associated with coverage. This program can provide significant assistance to beneficiaries who qualify, so exploring the program is a wise decision.

What Medicare Advantage plans are available in Lexington, KY?

There are four different kinds of Medicare Advantage plans available to beneficiaries in Kentucky. A beneficiary can opt for an HMO, PPO, PFFS, or SNP, which all offer different advantages.

Is Medigap the same as Supplemental Medicare in Lexington, KY?

Yes, Medigap and Supplemental Medicare are different terms for supplemental coverage plans. These terms are used interchangeably but refer to programs that provide additional coverage to Medicare beneficiaries.

How to Sign Up for Supplemental Medicare in Lexington

Those on Medicare in Lexington, Kentucky, have good coverage but it’s by no means comprehensive. The only way to make sure your healthcare benefits are all-encompassing is to get a Medigap plan.

Our licensed insurance agents have the time, knowledge, and understanding nature to calmly and expertly pair you with a Supplemental Medicare plan that will fit your needs and budget.

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