Are you looking for a way to meet new people, interact with old friends, or try out new things? Look no further! There are many social activities for seniors that you can do year-round that might easily become your newest life-long hobby. Interacting with other seniors who share your common interests can drastically improve your everyday mood. In addition, social activities come with a long list of benefits for a better quality of life.

Social Activities For Seniors: Key Takeaway

  • Socialization can have tremendous benefits on the overall health and quality of life of seniors.
  • Some indoor social activities for seniors are art classes, board game clubs, volunteering, and fitness classes.
  • Some outdoor social activities for seniors are gardening, photography, picnics, and walking.
  • There are hundreds of activities seniors can participate in, there’s one out there for you!

How Social Activities Benefit You

Socializing and learning new activities can have tremendous benefits on the health and quality of life for older adults. In general, learning new activities and acquiring new hobbies stimulates the mind and allows you to learn new skills. For older adults, this can help reduce the chances of dementia and keep the mind sharp and alert. Socialization is also essential for seniors to stay connected with the outside world and prevent isolation.

Outdoor Social Activities For Seniors

For seniors who live in warm regions or like to be more active, outdoor activities are certainly a great option. Outdoor activities can be done alone or in a group just like any other social activity. Below are a few ways to participate in outdoor social activities.

Walking Clubs

If you are looking to get active and enjoy the great outdoors, try joining a walking club. Similarly, you could encourage friends or family members to take walks with you. Walking is a low-impact exercise which is easy on the joints and a great form of physical activity.

Field Trips

There are many organizations that schedule excursions specifically for older adults. These excursions vary by the organization that hosts the trips but can range from a trip to the mall or a trip to a new city. Joining one of these is a great way to get out of the house, see new sights, and meet new friends.

Gardening Clubs

Gardening is one of the most therapeutic hobbies out there. It allows for increased mobility, light physical activity, and increased cognitive function. Joining a local gardening club will allow you to take advantage of all these benefits while introducing yourself to a social setting.


One fun hobby that most people overlook is photography. Many people think this is unattainable if you don’t have an expensive or fancy camera – which is far from the truth! There are photography clubs you can join to learn about photography, learn how to photograph, and get outside for some fun nature photo shoots.


Although this is not an activity you can sign up for, by gathering a few family members or friends, a picnic can be quite the afternoon! Picnics provide a great socialization opportunity for you and your loved ones to reunite and catch up on the latest life updates.

Indoor Social Activities For Seniors

Indoor activities are perfect for year-round enjoyment, open accessibility, and enjoying all the benefits of social activities. There is a wide range of indoor activities that you can join, but here are a few of our favorites below!

Board Game Clubs

Board Game clubs are great for people who love to socialize, have a competitive nature, and always want to switch things up. These clubs often meet a few times a week and offer group board games that can include bingo, TTRPGs, and classical board games like Sorry or Yahtzee. If you’re interested in other types of games, check out our list of different games for seniors.

Art Classes

Many of us never took a chance at taking an art class, and what better moment than the present! This doesn’t have to be a long commitment since there are single-occasion classes or class memberships. Taking an art class is a great way to learn a new skill and get creative.


Depending on what you are passionate about, volunteering within that field can not only be a stimulating experience for the mind and physical health, but also a rewarding feeling. Volunteering can vary between babies, animals, people in need, and more. Find a field that you are passionate about and look up volunteering opportunities within that niche to get started.

Senior Fitness Classes

If you love to get active, joining a senior fitness center or senior fitness class at a nearby gym is a perfect activity for you to join. Fitness classes can vary depending on your capabilities and interest but can range from cardio and cycling classes to weightlifting, water aerobics, or even dance!

Wii Sports

Love getting active but don’t want to make your way to the gym? Try out Wii Sports! This is a great social activity that can be done by inviting over family and friends of all ages to play. Playing Wii Sports can give you the physical activity you need while having fun with others.

Choose and Enjoy the Social Activities For You

No matter where you live, your lifestyle, or what you choose to do, we wish the best for you in your new future endeavors. Get out there and rekindle the joy of finding a new hobby that suits your interests, whether it be old or new!