Mark Cuban, an entrepreneur and investor, recently announced the launch of his new Cost Plus Pharmacy venture. As an innovative healthcare option, Cost Plus Pharmacy is designed to provide customers with access to prescription drugs at discounted prices.

It promises to be an affordable and straightforward way to purchase necessary medications.

Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus pharmacy

Given the current state of health care, it’s understandable why this concept garners so much attention. However, consumers need to understand how Cost Plus Pharmacy works to determine if it’s the right fit for them.

We’ll cover the ins and outs of Cost Plus Pharmacy, from its advantages to its potential drawbacks. It will enable readers to determine if Mark Cuban’s pharmacy venture is the best option for their healthcare needs.

How does Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus pharmacy work?

Cost Plus Pharmacy is a revolutionary new online pharmacy that allows customers to purchase prescriptions at cost plus a $5 flat fee. The unique business model will enable customers to save an average of 30% on prescription drugs.

Customers simply enter the prescription information, including dosage and quantity, into the online store, and the price will be displayed. Customers can then add the prescription to their cart, pay with their credit card, and have the medications shipped to their doorstep.

Cost Plus Pharmacy is transforming how customers purchase prescriptions by providing them with an easy and affordable way to access them.

Mark Cubans Cost Plus pharmacy and Medicare prescription drug coverage

Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Pharmacy doesn’t currently accept Medicare prescription drug coverage. However, they indicate that they intend to add insurance carriers. If you’re interested in using Cost Plus pharmacy, call your carrier to see if they have been added as an in-network pharmacy.

But with how their pharmacy model is set up, it may be cheaper to pay the Cost Plus drug costs than using your insurance. Check your medicine online to see if it makes sense for you.

Most Medicare prescription drug plans have little to no cost on generics, so review the costs of expensive brand-name drugs. Contact your drug plan to see if they have added Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus pharmacy.

Saving money with Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus pharmacy

Cost Plus Pharmacy is a highly efficient and cost-saving option for many individuals and families. With a focus on affordability, the pharmacy provides various products, from pharmaceuticals to over-the-counter treatments, at discounted prices.

Additionally, the pharmacy offers several customer-focused services, including home delivery. Customers can save money on their total healthcare costs by purchasing medications at Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Pharmacy. Cost Plus tailors customer service experience to ensure individuals receive the best advice and guidance.

With its commitment to customer satisfaction and competitive pricing, Cost Plus Pharmacy is an excellent option for those looking to save money on expensive prescriptions.

Pros and Cons of using Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus pharmacy


  • Low cost on over 1000 Medications
  • Home Delivery
  • Pricing Transparency


  • Not all prescription drugs are available
  • Doesn’t accept many prescription drug plans


How does Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug work?

To start using Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus pharmacy, simply search for your prescriptions on their website. Once you find your drug, sign up for an online account, and reach out to your provider to get the prescriptions.

Finally, once Cost Plus receives your prescription, you’ll receive a notification to check out, and you receive a delivery with your prescription drugs. Find your medication in their online store by searching, browsing alphabetically, or by a medical condition.

Does Cost Plus pharmacy accept insurance?

Currently, Cost Plus only accepts Capital Blue Cross, Rightway, and other select prescription plans. They plan to continue adding insurance providers.

You can contact your insurance company and ask if Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs is an “in-network pharmacy” with your prescription drug coverage.

Are all medications available through Cost Plus pharmacy?

Cost Plus pharmacy only offers a set amount of medications but plans to expand its drug list on a regular basis. You can search their website to see if Cost Plus pharmacy covers your medication.

If you’re in the coverage gap, Cost Plus pharmacy may be a great option for you.

What’s the difference between a prescription discount card and Cost Plus pharmacy?

Discount prescription drug cards have a discounted price or coupon you can use various pharmacies to get a discounted rate. While Cost Plus is a pharmacy that sells prescriptions at cost with a $5 fee.

Get help finding Medicare prescription drug coverage

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