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Central Reserve Life Insurance Medicare Plans

Affiliated Brand Names

  • Central Reserve Life Insurance
  • Great American Supplemental Benefits Group (GASBG)
  • Cigna

Company Overview

Central Reserve Life Insurance now exists as a subsidiary of their new parent company, Cigna (pronounced “sig-nuh”). Signa acquired Central Reserve back in August of 2012. The company was originally founded back in 1964, and operated under the name of Central Reserve until it was acquired by GASBG in 2006.

Company Highlights

  • Founded in 1964
  • Became a member of the GASBG family in 2006
  • Acquired by Cigna on August 31, 2012
  • Over 50 years experience offering senior financial products

Medicare Plans Offered

Whether you’re looking for Medigap supplements, a Medicare Advantage policy, or a Part D drug plan, it’s important to know what you want before you begin shopping. This is because not all companies offer every single available Medicare supplement. Below, you can see what Central Reserve has to offer.

Medicare Supplement Plans YES
Medicare Advantage Plans YES
Medicare Part D Drug Plans YES

Central Reserve Life Insurance Premium Comparison

The bar graph below displays average prices for Medicare supplement insurance policies across the country. Take a look at the data, and make a mental note of what you should be expecting to pay for the policy you need. Then, compare that to Central Reserve’s advertised prices.

This Table Represents National Average Costs of Medicare Supplement Plans

Plan Type Starting From Part A Deductible Part B Deductible Excess Nursing Travel
Plan C $118* $0 $0 Not Covered 100% Covered 100% Covered Request Info
Plan F
Most popular
$116* $0 $0 100% Covered 100% Covered 100% Covered Request Info
Plan G $105* $0 $147 100% Covered 100% Covered 100% Covered Request Info
Plan B $104* $0 $147 Not Covered Not Covered Not Covered Request Info
Plan N $70* $0 $147 Not Covered 100% Covered 100% Covered Request Info
Plan D $97* $0 $147 Not Covered 100% Covered 100% Covered Request Info
Plan A $69* $1 $147 Not Covered Not Covered Not Covered Request Info
Plan L $76* $304 $147 Not Covered 75% Covered Not Covered Request Info
Plan K $45* $608 $147 Not Covered 50% Covered Not Covered Request Info
Plan M $97* $608 $147 Not Covered 100% Covered 100% Covered Request Info

Financial Strength Ratings

A company’s financial strength is a very important characteristic. It can reflect how stable they are, how well they do business, and whether or not they will manage your medical claims in a competent manner. Below are Central Reserve’s financial ratings from the top ratings agencies in the country:

A.M. Best Rating A-
Standard & Poor’s Rating No Rating
Moody’s Rating No Rating

*Ratings as of 2/17/15

Central Reserve Life Insurance Video

Central Reserve Life Insurance Review

Central Reserve Life Insurance has over 50 years of experience offering financial products to senior citizens, including Medicare supplement plans. They have changed hands several times over the years – first with GASBG in 2006 and most recently to Cigna in 2012 – but they continue to provide valuable services to seniors who want to make the most out of their golden years.

Market Experience
Fast Claims Processing
Strong Financial Reserves
Competitive Rates
Customer Satisfaction

How To File A Claim With Central Reserve Life Insurance

Telephone Number: (800) 228-7104

To speak with a person:

  1. Press 5 for “other inquiries”
  2. Press 2 to talk to a customer service representative
  3. Have identifying information, such as your full name, date of birth, and policy ID# ready

Company Contact Information

Customer Service:


Mailing Address:

Cigna Supplemental Benefits

P.O. Box 26580

Austin, TX 78755-0580

How To Get A Rate Quote

Customers looking to get a rate quote, or learn more about plans have 2 options:

Compare Medigap Plans Online


Speak To A Licensed Agent
1-855-MEDIGAP (633-4427)

Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm EST