elderly couple playing a puzzle

Keeping the mind and body sharp is important for people of all ages, but becomes even more important as you get older. Participating in engaging activities in old age is a good way to spend leisure time as seniors begin to retire. It’s important for the elderly to remain active and social in their later years given the gradual decline of their physical and cognitive abilities. In addition, seniors should find ways to socialize in order to prevent feelings of loneliness and isolation that are common in old age. That being said, there are dozens of fun ideas catered towards seniors that encourage them to spend time with loved ones and stimulate their brains.

Activities With Your Spouse

You’ve built a life together. Now you get to spend your golden years growing old together. If you’re running out of fun activities to do with your spouse as you age, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the following suggestions for fresh, new ideas.


Senior couples are bound to have thousands of fond memories with their partner. There’s no better way to document those memories than to make a scrapbook, chronicling your lives together with photos, old notes, or mementos. For seniors suffering from memory loss, scrapbooking could be an effective way of holding on to distant memories and remembering some of the best times in their lives.


Gardening encourages seniors to spend time outdoors and grow something beautiful and useful. Taking care of a garden together is a great new way for couples to bond after decades of marriage. Even those with physical ailments can still enjoy the experience by taking a few moments to pick out seeds or water the plants.


Take a break from the indoors and spend a day outside with your partner. Walking along a nearby pond or lake and searching for the perfect fish to bring home can be a peaceful, low-impact workout that you’ll both enjoy.

Plan a Trip

If there’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, now’s the time to take advantage. Retirement is the perfect time to start or continue traveling. With a travel agent or an easy-to-use travel website, you can plan a trip anywhere, even if it’s just a nearby town. Married couples can share the experience of discovering new cultures and making memories that last beyond the vacation.

Spa Day

Self-care is always important, and the value of it only increases during one’s senior years. You and your partner can unwind by making your home into a spa for a day! Try experimenting with new skin treatments or taking a relaxing bubble bath. You can also look into local senior centers or programs that offer special spa days to help boost confidence and well-being.

Activities with Friends

Hopefully, your spouse isn’t the only person in your life that you want to spend more time with. Getting out of the house to spend time with friends is important, too. And you can have a lot of fun if you do so using our great suggestions below.


Dancing is a great aerobic exercise that anyone can do. Seniors and their friends can find local classes to get some exercise and learn new dancing styles. Possibilities are ballroom dancing, tap, flamenco, and more. Zumba classes are also an option, as some varieties are choreographed with seniors in mind. Even if you go alone, dance classes can be a great way to make friends with common interests.

Take a Class

Learning is always more fun when it’s something you’re interested in and want to incorporate into your everyday life. Doing it with more than one person can make it even more enjoyable. Invite your friends to join you in local classes catered to seniors, where you can learn computer basics, new languages, new kitchen recipes, and so much more.


Knitting is a serene, quiet hobby that has many health benefits – including lowering stress levels, heart rate, and blood pressure. Knitting can be fun to do alone but gets even better with other friends who like getting crafty. Crafting groups add social interaction and stimulation to an already pleasant activity.


Seniors with plenty of life experience and enough time to make a change can be some of the most essential contributing members of society. Encourage your friends to lend a helping hand to local charities, fundraisers, or shelters that are in need of support from their community.


It might not seem like an engaging activity, but taking time to meditate can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress and boost the immune system. Meditating in a group setting, like a local yoga class or senior program, can help guide meditation sessions if it’s something you’ve never done before.

Activities with Family

Beyond your spouse, don’t be afraid to reach out to other members of your family for companionship. Whether your relatives are younger, older, or about your age, spending more time doing fun activities with them can drastically improve your quality of life.


Cooking is not only a great bonding experience, but a bonus if you and your family love to eat. You can start simple with easy recipes that require short prep time and little technical skill. If it becomes a regular hobby, families can try testing their chef skills by cooking their favorite dish from scratch.

Make a Family Tree

Chances are you are one of the oldest members of your family, so what better way to commemorate your legacy than by making a family tree? Sharing family history and stories can be a great way for seniors to walk down memory lane and for grandchildren to learn their roots and cultural history.

Build a Puzzle

Putting together a puzzle is a great way for families to socialize and come together to face a challenge. Learning to work on a team can also help improve communication between yourself, your children, and your grandchildren. Puzzles can also help sharpen your mind and give the whole family a sense of accomplishment.

Host Movie Nights

Hosting a movie night is a relaxing and easy way to get the family together. If seniors live near family, movie night can become a regular event that you’ll look forward to every month. To make it more exciting, introduce different interests by letting a different family member pick out the movie each time.

Play Video Games

Video games may be confusing for seniors without much experience with technology, but with the help of younger family members, anyone can learn to play and enjoy them. Systems like the Nintendo Switch or Wii encourage players to get active through movement-oriented games, such as tennis, bowling, and baseball. You’ll get to exercise and have fun with the whole family – all at the same time.